Berlin Stories (1954)

"Berlin Stories" is a collection of two novellas by Christopher Isherwood, first published in 1954. The collection consists of "The Last of Mr. Norris" and "Goodbye to Berlin," both of which are set in Berlin in the 1930s. "The Last of Mr. Norris" tells the story of a relationship between an Englishman named Mr. Norris and a German man named Heinz, while "Goodbye to Berlin" follows the life of a British writer named Christopher Isherwood as he navigates the political and social turmoil of pre-war Berlin. The collection is known for its portrayal of the cultural and political atmosphere of Berlin in the 1930s, and its depiction of the complex relationships and personal struggles of its characters. It is considered a classic of modern literature and has received widespread critical acclaim for its portrayal of the human experience.
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