About us

To maintain my sanity, I created a rule for myself, or shall I say rules because there are four of them. CREATE, INSPIRE, TRAVEL and EXPLORE (or CITE for short).

There are many times when I feel down and I can't help myself questioning life's purpose. Rather than spiralling down the chain of sad and negative thoughts, I realised, not by my own original thinking or insight but from the books and self-help videos, that getting up and try to explore the beauty of my surroundings would immediately change my mental and emotional states. Once you regain your composure, you're in a renewed state of inspiration and that's when I start creating business ideas, book projects, travel plans, among others. That's when I also explore movies, music, books and other works of art of further inspire my creation. 

Let's continue and share this cycle of CREATION, INSPIRATION, TRAVEL and EXPLORATION.

Thank you.


life of a vessel.








This project is dedicated to my Creator