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Books, movies and music. Here at life of a vessel, we believe that you can live a good life using books, movies and music.

Welcome to life of a vessel. When we read an inspiring book, watch a touching movie, or listen to an uplifting music, we remember words of wisdom, funny quotes and catchy lines. We try to capture those words, quotes and lines here at life of a vessel and put them into signages, posters, shirts, mugs, and other products. When you see those inspiring words on a poster at home or those funny quotes on your mug, they bring you back in time when you first felt that inspiration, when you were touched by that romantic movie, when you were uplifted when you first heard a song.

You can help us spread love and positivity by sharing our book and movie reviews, music playlists, blog posts and of course our physical products.

Thank you.

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This project is dedicated to my Creator