I, Claudius (1934)

"I, Claudius" is a novel by Robert Graves, published in 1934. The novel is a fictionalized autobiography of Claudius, the Roman Emperor who reigned from 41 to 54 AD. The novel is written in the form of Claudius' personal memoirs and covers the major events of his life, including his rise to power and the many challenges and dangers he faced along the way.

Throughout the novel, Claudius struggles with his own physical and mental limitations, as well as the political machinations of the Roman elite. He becomes embroiled in a series of intrigues and plots, and must use his wit and cunning in order to survive and eventually succeed as Emperor.

"I, Claudius" is a classic work of historical fiction that is known for its vivid portrayal of ancient Rome and its complex and engaging characters. It has been widely read and adapted for film, television, and radio, and is considered an important work of historical literature.

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