White Teeth (2000)

"White Teeth" is a novel by Zadie Smith that was first published in 2000. It is a multi-generational tale that follows the lives of several families in London, and explores themes of identity, race, religion, and the immigrant experience.

The novel centers around two friends, Archie Jones and Samad Iqbal, who fought together in World War II and later settled in London. Their families, and the families of those around them, are diverse and multi-cultural, and the story follows their struggles to find their place in the rapidly changing world of post-war Britain.

Throughout the novel, Smith uses a wide range of characters and perspectives to explore the complexities and contradictions of modern life. The writing is lively and engaging, and Smith employs a range of techniques, including satire, irony, and absurdity, to convey the rich and diverse tapestry of London's multi-cultural society.

Overall, "White Teeth" is a bold and ambitious novel that offers a unique and thought-provoking exploration of the issues facing contemporary society. It is a testament to Smith's skill as a writer and her ability to create a compelling and engaging story.

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