Spirited Away (2001)

"Spirited Away" (Japanese title: "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi") is a 2001 Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli. The film was a critical and commercial success, and it is widely regarded as one of the greatest animated films of all time.

The film tells the story of Chihiro (voiced by Daveigh Chase in the English version), a young girl who becomes trapped in a mysterious and magical world while on a road trip with her parents. In this world, Chihiro meets a wide variety of colorful and memorable characters, including a young boy named Haku (Jason Marsden) who helps her navigate the dangers of this strange land.

"Spirited Away" is known for its beautiful animation, imaginative world-building, and engaging story. It is also notable for its themes of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery. The film won numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and it has been widely praised by critics and audiences alike.

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