Know you constraints (part 2) - logistics

Another constraint that you need to think about is logistics. This includes knowing your local community, shops, libraries and recreation facilities around your area. You may also need to know about the services and facilities your university offers. You may want to attend the orientation week to know more about these services such as free healthcare or medical checks. You might need one of these services later during the semester. If you miss the orientation, you can do your research online or contact the student services. Knowing these before you start your studies sets you up for your first year of university. You want to get the housekeeping and general information out of the way. You may not necessarily need to know everything about your locality or university but at least you need to know the basic things like library resources, their opening hours including weekends; what time your local supermarkets or restaurants close and their prices so you can create a weekly budget. You also need to think about your accommodation while attending university. If you are going to move close to your university, you may want to consider sharing a house with other students or professionals to save money. You may want to use the board and lodging facility of the university which is a great experience to meet other students.
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