Know your constraints (part 1) - financial

I was working full-time when I started law school. There was some hesitation whether combining work and study is a good idea. Looking back now, I’m glad I did it. If I listened to those who said that it would be impossible to do, I would probably not have done it. As it turned out, it had more advantages than I thought. For one, it gave a structure to my week and helped me establish a routine. Your body has a circadian rhythm and having daily and weekly routines helps maintain this. Your daily and weekly tasks will keep you sane. On top of that, I have a good source of income to fund my studies and living expenses.

There are always constraints every time you undertake a project. Best to categorise them so you are able to manage them efficiently. For example, financial constraints are a big part of going to university that it can almost affect your success or failure. Why? Because you need to pay for rent, food and clothing; buy textbooks; print out study materials and readings; and the list goes on. Finance is a big part of student life and must be addressed early on your university life. This would seem to be a paradox because you go to university to earn a degree to get a job to earn money. You actually need some money to help you get started with your degree and hopefully complete it without delay.

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