Practice previous year's examination question

Practising previous examination questions will help gauge your understanding so far of the topics. It will force you to recall what you have learned so far. You can use this knowledge for upcoming examinations. Answering previous examinations is more effective than reading the topic materials again. Even better is if you do a pretend examination in your bedroom as if you are at the examination venue. You set the timer on and make sure you stop writing when the time is up. This will help you gauge how much work you still need to do, to confidently answer the questions. Many subjects at university have allocated at least 50% marks for the final examination. Therefore, the more practice you do, the more confident you will get. The questions in the actual examination may not necessarily be the same as your practice ones but you will already have a structure of how you are going to answer the questions based on the practice you did.

When you practice an exam, try to answer one question per topic. Don’t leave out a topic with a hope that it will never come out in the examinations unless it is specifically excluded by the examiner. Write your answers in a word file so you can edit them as you progress during the semester.

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