Easy on Me (2011)

"Easy on Me" is a song by English singer Adele. It is the final track on her 2011 album "21." The song was written by Adele and Paul Epworth, and it was produced by Epworth.

"Easy on Me" is a piano ballad that features stripped-down, emotive vocals from Adele. The song is about taking responsibility for past mistakes and asking for forgiveness from those who have been hurt. In the lyrics, Adele sings about how she has caused pain and hurt to others and how she is trying to make amends for her actions. The song has a remorseful and introspective tone, and it showcases Adele's vulnerability and emotional depth as an artist.

Overall, "Easy on Me" is a powerful and poignant ballad that deals with themes of regret, forgiveness, and self-reflection. It is a standout track on "21" and showcases Adele's ability to craft moving and deeply emotional songs.

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